I wish to express my appreciation for my inclusion in the LACE trial which I have found to be of great value and support during the difficult time following my operation for endometrial cancer and the resultant development of lymphoedema.

Your research has already benefited me greatly by giving me access to reliable information and professional advice on my medical condition and treatment during a worrying recovery period.  The knowledge that this support and information was readily available to me as a result of my involvement in the LACE trial was of considerable comfort.

My participation in the LACE trial has been an extremely positive and rewarding experience.  I am convinced that the results of continued and future research will be of great value in improving outcomes.  It will be the basis for providing future support and reliable information to others in a similar situation to my own.

The professional advice and information of a nursing nature available to me as a result of this research has been of great support and assistance.  I have been able to control the worst effects of lymphoedema in my own home by massage and other means to the extent that I intend to return to part time work on a trial basis at least.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this program as a patient.  I strongly recommend that this research and the clinical trials be continued and that adequate funding be provided as results to date fully justify continued support.  I am convinced that your research program is invaluable.  It is essential to provide the necessary information to achieve the best outcomes for patients such as myself.