5 best gynaecological cancer blogs to follow

Here at QCGC Research we’ve come to realise there are not many blogs out there about gynaecological cancer. Why on earth not?

It may have something to do with the fact that there’s a certain stigma in talking about it – for no good reason other than it affects women’s reproductive organs. Here we’ve put together a list of the top five blogs on the subject – including a newcomer you may wish to keep your eyes on.

  1. Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation: The ACCF blog focuses on its work in Australia and in developing countries to improve women’s health and to eliminate cervical cancer.
  2. Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance: Since 2010 this organization has shared news about its research and support for patients and their families.
  3. Cancer Council NSW: While not specifically about gynaecological cancer, this blog regularly includes relevant articles about women’s cancers.
  4. Professor Andreas Obermair:. You may know Professor Obermair leads the QCGC Research team. What you may not know that since April 2011 he has shared his thoughts about gynaecological cancer, surgery, and the latest research and clinical trials.
  5. QCGC Research: OK, it’s a bit cheeky to include our own blog in the list, as it is only new. However, with years of experience in clinical research, we have shared the joys and pains with many women and their families. We realise sometimes it can be a lonely road and we’d hope this blog provides both accurate information and close company.

At QCGC Research we know there is good reason to talk, write and read about gynaecological cancer. With this new blog we aim to make a positive contribution to the conversation and change the perception that gynaecological cancer is ‘secret women’s business’. We invite you to be part of this – to comment, like and share our blog – and to send us your questions. We’ll endeavour to respond in future posts.

Last updated:
14 December 2016