Our wish list for Santa this Christmas

Dear Santa,

We just remembered you need our Christmas list! We have been good this year, but please don’t send us any presents. Instead please could you help us out with this list?

  1. A safe holiday. As we’re all hurtling headlong into the festive season we don’t want to encounter any accidents or injuries. We’d prefer it if our team, patients and loved ones all remain safe this season.

  2. A dignified end of year. We know some people will still be receiving cancer treatment over the holidays. Help us to be respectful while still having fun. 

  3. Good health. As the weather heats up, we all need to take extra care in the sun and pool and to look out for loved ones and guests.

  4. Peace of mind. Sometimes peace seems to be far from our minds at this time of year but help us focus on what is important and make time to relax.

  5. The next research breakthrough. We’ve all been working hard on better treatments for women with gynaecological cancer. There’s nothing we’d love more than to start the New Year with good news.

  6. Okay, maybe one present. A set of new darts for the office dartboard that we never have time to play with – maybe this season we’ll get around to that.

Thanks Santa, you’re the best.

Love the QCGC Research team

PS. If you or Ms Claus would like to give a donation to QCGC Research this Christmas please visit our website.


Last updated:
14 December 2016