I think one of the most traumatic pieces of news that you can receive is that a family member has cancer. To find out that my mother had uterine cancer was one of the most horrid days of my life.

We were asked to take part in a trial and at first I was hesitant. Surely you only want the best for your family - isn’t that the “tried and tested” way? After much discussion, it was decided that Mum would take part and it turned out to be one of the best decisions we made. It made Mum feel like she was helping society somehow and those poor ladies who may later find themselves in the same position.

We found the research staff to be so attentive and caring, we felt we got far more attention than we would have if we hadn’t taken part. It was very comforting to know she was being well looked after, whilst hopefully making a difference to healthcare.

Having lived through this experience I can genuinely say that I would personally take part in any valuable research and wouldn’t hesitate anymore in recommending that my family members do so too.