Thank you to everyone for tuning in to the webinar on Friday night.  As promised, here is the recording!

To view the webinar CLICK HERE.  To quickly view a particular presentation refer below for a breakdown of when each presentation started for easy scrolling to a particular segment. 

0 mins - 13 mins  |  Impact of COVID-19 on gynaecological cancer treatment  |  Professor Andreas Obermair, Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer Research

13 mins - 26 mins  |  Hopes for a COVID-19 vaccine or treatment?  |  Professor David Paterson, UQ Centre for Clinical Research & Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

26 mins - 40.20 mins  |  Impact of COVID-19 on gynaecological cancer treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatment) |  Dr Jeffrey Goh, Medical Oncologist, ICON Cancer Centre & Royal Brisbane and Women’s

40.20 mins - 55.44 mins  |  How do I keep physically fit during COVID-19?  |  Professor Sandi Hayes, Griffith University

55.44 mins - 1.04.05 hrs|  Information for patients who are currently on clinical trials  |  Associate Professor Philip Beale, Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group

1.04.05 hrs - 1.17.00 hrs | Ways to manage mental stress  |  Dr Tracey Gardner, Cancer Council Queensland

Surgeons from Singapore and Italy to speak on their experiences with COVID-19, How this is affecting their daily lives and what we can learn from them.

1.17.00 hrs  - Dr Alessandro Buda

1.25.10 hrs  - Dr Joe Ng

Our mission is to help keep women with gynaecological cancer informed during COVID-19. Please join our FREE webinar which is open to all who are interested. The guest speakers are both Australian and international experts.

The webinar will be held Friday 27 March at 5pm Brisbane AEST. 

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Please be assured that if you cannot connect for any reason, we will be recording the webinar and will make the link available as soon as possible.