The IMAGE trial examines the effectiveness of PET scanning for patients with advanced ovarian cancer compared to CT scanning. 

Prior to surgery, ovarian cancer patients currently receive CT scans to determine the extent of the disease. Patients with disease outside of the abdomen usually then receive upfront chemotherapy rather than surgery. 

However, CT scans are not accurate enough and diagnostic errors are common.  Images of the chest can be blurred by breathing motion. ‘Gating’ is a technique that freezes the respiratory motion to improve images of the chest. IMAGE studies the value of gated PET/CT compared to current standard imaging techniques (CT scan) in patients with ovarian cancer. 

This study will allow us to diagnose the extent of cancer far more accurately than with current imaging methods.  This information will immediately assist clinical decision-making. 

The trial is open at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital and Mater Health Services To date, 28 participants have been recruited and we aim to recruit 84 patients in total.