Prospective Evaluation of Lymphoedema Amoung Patients with Gynaecological Cancer

Swelling of the lower limbs (lymphoedema) is widely accepted as a possible side effect of treatment for gynaecological cancer. It is both a serious and debilitating complication, associated with significant morbidity, which impacts physically and emotionally on otherwise healthy women. The causes of lymphoedema are largely unknown, and information regarding its onset time and incidence after gynaecological cancer treatment is scarce. The primary objective of this study was to establish the time of onset, incidence, prevalence and severity of lymphoedema after gynaecological cancer treatment. Six hundred and seventy one participants who were scheduled for treatment of benign or malignant gynaecological diseases were recruited to the study between June 2008 and December 2010 from the following institutions.

  • Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, QLD
  • Mater Health Services, QLD
  • The Wesley Hospital, QLD
  • Greenslopes Private Hospital, QLD
  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
  • Royal Women’s Hospital, VIC