Laparoscopic Approach to Carcinoma of the Endometrium (LACE).  An international multicentre randomised phase III clinical trial.


LACE had significant impact on gynaecological surgery developments in Australia and world-wide. It examined the treatment of endometrial cancer (EC) via a laparoscopic (key-hole) hysterectomy vs the traditional, open-abdominal approach.

Laparoscopic approach is associated with far less post-surgery complications as well as less days spent in hospital. This results in a reduction of cost and less burden on the health system overall.

LACE completed enrolment of 760 women with endometrial cancer in 2010. Follow up has been completed and the trial awaits final survival analysis. If survival is similar between the two treatment groups, then laparoscopic hysterectomy should be elevated as the new treatment standard for endometrial cancer.

As an extension of LACE we will now examine long term quality of life and lifestyle in these patients.

We aim to:

  • Describe the long-term quality of life (QoL) and lifestyle status (including health, physical activity, diet) of EC patients 6 to 10 years after surgery, and examine if there are differences between randomised treatment arms.
  • Explore the patients’ views on the motivators and barriers to lifestyle changes or persistent lifestyle detriments in EC patients and how they believe these can be improved (Queensland patients only).